Building People

Join us starting May 19 for a series studying the book of Nehemiah. The main focus is that we should be people who build (active, engaged, sharing) who are building people (building into the lives of others).
9:30 each Sunday with a bonus hour of study in small groups in the Fellowship Hall at 11:00. Come and join a group to look at more in depth questions and discussion on the principles from Nehemiah.

7 Weeks of Prayer-Week 7

Pray for…

Pastor Search. That all the details of receiving the next pastor would be done carefully and that the transition would form a solid foundation for his ministry at Magnolia.

The staff of MBC.  Pray that each will be strengthened physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through this transition time.

Children’s Ministry workers. That God would provide workers for the fields that are white unto harvest in our children’s ministry. Encouragement for our committed teachers and leaders.

Our Neighbors. That those around us know that we are a safe place to come in time of need.

The sick with severe illnesses.  Pray that those undergoing cancer treatments, awaiting organ transplants, and other extreme medical measures will physically be able to bear them.  Pray that they and their families would find peace and comfort in Jesus.

Our Country.  That our nation would turn back to God, Humble ourselves before Him, and that He would hear us, and heal our land.

AUHSD (Anaheim Union High School District) ATP (Adult Transition Program)- each Tuesday & Thursday.  God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done in the lives of the ATP students from both Magnolia and Western High. Pray for their Teachers and Job Coaches. Pray also for Duane Nishimoto, Ernie Ledesma, Sara Goins, and Lizbeth Marsh as they interact with, love and serve the students and their leaders.

7 Weeks of Prayer-Week 3

WEEK 3 – Pray for…

Pastor Search. That the next pastor of Magnolia would clearly hear God’s call and would be obedient in responding to it. That He would have an exceptional peace about coming to Magnolia.

My Neighborhood. God would give my neighborhood today its daily bread, forgive my neighborhood their sins as they forgive those who sin against them. Protect for my neighborhood from temptation and deliver them from the Evil One – That God would surround my home and my neighborhood with His Angels and chariots of fire.

The Church Finances. God would continue to provide for the financial needs of Magnolia. That MBC would be ‘resourced’ to support ministry and staff obligations.

Those preaching as we search for a new pastor.  Pray that the speakers and the hearers will respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Parents at Magnolia. That parents would be Godly parents, living out the example of what a Christian should be. That their examples to their children would be such as to help their children stick to the faith.

The impact of our Operation Shoebox gifts throughout the world to bring joy and the Good News to boys and girls while meeting basic needs.

East West Community Church. That God would give wisdom to the leaders as they guide the church. That God’s vision for the church would be clear and they would pursue that direction.