Not the End (Leviticus 26-27)

Today is “Black Saturday”. There are no amazing sales, no cyber specials nor door busting finds. Black Saturday is a day remembered on the historical church calendar as a quiet, somber day—the day in which Jesus was in the tomb. His earliest followers knew only of Jesus’ death. They were frightened and so they hid. Sure Jesus had spoken of this moment, but the way the Gospel’s tell the story, it doesn’t seem as though the first followers of Jesus understood what the master was saying. Black Saturday represents the weight of wrath and judgement—death.

In Leviticus 26 God presented His people with a choice— either to be faithful to God and His covenant or to be unfaithful to God and His covenant. God also said that the choice we make will have consequences— either we will be blessed by being faithful to God or we will suffer by being unfaithful to God. Our choice has to do with the way we think, but also with the way we act. Those choices have consequences.

God called His people to faithfulness. He said that if they were faithful He would bless them, but if they were unfaithful He would judge them. Over and over again they were unfaithful, so God judged them with increasing severity until finally He threw them out of the Promised Land and scattered them among the nations.

At that point, it appears that the people of Israel have reached their end. However, just when it seems that Israel is shut out, God opens a door. Just when we expect the curtain to fall, God says His mercy is not finished.

By our own choices we are sinners. By our very nature we are sinners. We are guilty sinners and deserve the wrath of God, but Jesus took our sin and its curse on Himself when He died in our place on the cross. When we put our faith in Jesus, He takes away our sin and its penalty.

This Saturday is a dark, historical reminder. We remember the consequence of sin—judgement, wrath and death. But there is so much more to come. Sunday is coming. Welcome to the resurrection—welcome to new life!