Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation at MBC
Spiritual Formation is the process of developing and experiencing Christian belief in practice. MBC encourages spiritual formation through three opportunities: Spiritual Direction, Church Gatherings and Community Groups.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction focuses on your personal discipleship to Jesus. By encouraging Christian belief and practice on personal levels, spiritual direction helps you develop the habits and disciplines needed to follow Jesus well. 

Church Gatherings

Gatherings are larger connections of people coming together for encouragement and inspiration in their Christian belief and practice. MBC hosts two different gatherings meeting each Sunday morning: Worship and Formation.

Worship Gatherings help center and re-direct our lives toward knowing God and encouraging each other in Christian belief and practice.
Formation Gatherings deepen our understanding of the Bible and builds our faith to live out the incredible truth of God.


Community Groups

 Groups are smaller communities of people coming together to intentionally live out their faith through serving others. MBC provides two different group opportunities:
Ministry Teams and Missional Communities. Follow the links to learn more about each community group.