The Big God Story

Starting September 8 MBC will be presenting the Big God Story at 9:30 each Sunday. It’s time to tell the world and this is the news we have to share. Come each week as we open the book and learn more of God’s story to share with the world.

Countering Culture

No photo description available.Our new Series on Countering Culture starts Sunday, July 28. Join us as we seek to understand our times and how to live soberly, righteously and godly in this present age.

Building People

Join us starting May 19 for a series studying the book of Nehemiah. The main focus is that we should be people who build (active, engaged, sharing) who are building people (building into the lives of others).
9:30 each Sunday with a bonus hour of study in small groups in the Fellowship Hall at 11:00. Come and join a group to look at more in depth questions and discussion on the principles from Nehemiah.